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Bits & Bytes: Surviving Morning Rounds 

Bits &amp; Bytes: Surviving Morning Rounds
Have you ever had the experience on morning rounds that it always seems to be the other student or resident who knows the 6 causes of such-and -such, or who was so-and-so whose name is attached to some trivial murmur or strange neurological sign? Well, here is the answer, your very own book on one-upmanship! Yes, this wee book will help you on the boards and MCQ's, but more importantly it will help you play the game on rounds, setting up the questions for which only you have the fantastic answer at your fingertips. And you decide whether the title should have been "Bits and Bites "and leave the Bytes to those who realize from being dazzled by you that they were never cut out to do Internal Medicine. 

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