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Endoscopy and Diagnostic Imaging

Part 1

Endoscopy and Diagnostic Imaging (Part 1)
Written by two internationally renowned gastroenterologists, this 2-part indispensable review book has been designed as a clinical skills refresher for exam purposes for gastroenterology and internal medicine residents and fellows, as well as practicing physicians.

Part 1 of this series covers Cardiology, Endocrinology, Hepatology, and Nephrology. 

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Part 2

Endoscopy and Diagnostic Imaging (Part 2)

Endoscopy and Diagnostic Imaging is a gastroenterology resource book which includes esophagus, stomach, small bowel endoscopies and clinical case studies, esophageal manometry, diagnostic imaging, as well as examples of GI-disease associated skin, nail and mouth changes.  

Part 2 of this series covers Neurology, Respirology, and Rheumatology.

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